What does energy healing look like?



Chad Fisher

Reiki Master Teacher, Shaman, Quantum Healer

Energy healing is paramount for the growth of the human experience and is needed to help us evolve more so now than ever before as a species. Energy healing consists of many modalities that can look different in thousands of ways. However, one thing remains consistent and it is the vibration changes that occur during this healing.

Everything on this planet is vibration. This includes our energetic bodies as well. As a healer, the practitioner (who chooses to work in different modalities) is innately aware of the vibration in which their clients are presenting in their lives.

Thoughts and feelings can also be measured on a vibrational basis. In my experience with my own work in energy healing, I am finding that most people have thoughts and feelings that no longer serve them. These feelings can hold a lower vibration in the body and during my healing work, it is found that these energies can be changed and manipulated to create a higher vibration with a different frequency. For example, it is like changing the station on the radio. You cannot listen to two stations at the time and have clarity, in one’s life.

Within my own practice as an intuitive healer, I find that it takes some time for the vibration change to happen. However, over time ones higher self, which is a vibration within, begins to respond with positive life choices and changes in my clients. Healing, on an energetic level, cannot happen in one day, it is a process. It did not take one day to create the vibration that my clients present me with so therefore it is fair to say that it will take some time to change the station so to speak to a higher vibration of consciousness.

Intention as a practitioner is so important to initiate energy healing. When I started my practice, I focused with a clear vision of what my intention will be for my client and myself. My mentor and Shaman instilled the importance of creating a sacred space to work from. Intention alone can bring healing to my clients. After I create my intention for my clients, some of them feel it and will start releasing before I do anything. What my clients are feeling is a change in vibration. They feel the love energy created in the room. Intention welcomes the vibration of change into the room before that vibration is set into the energy field and aura of my clients. My intention of pure love and healing for whatever my client needs is brought to light so to speak.

There are many ways to create this energy for my clients before session, however, I choose to focus on love when I set my intention. Love is the highest vibration in the universe, and I feel it can’t hurt to have that energy in the room with myself and my client. My intention for my clients is unique to me and I find that if I focus on love the intention created has more positive vibration attached to it.


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