My hero’s journey

heros journey

I’m soon to embark on my own hero’s journey to Peru (June 2 to the 26th). I will spend the first 14-days in isolation doing the traditional rite of passage called the “dieta” while attending ayahuasca ceremonies at night with my Shaman and guide Reshonka. Then the next 7 days going to Machu Picchu and other sacred sites .

Why would anyone do this, honestly I’m still asking myself that. I know like I know like I know that I have to go, its a calling that only few will understand, hell I’m not sure if I understand.

I had to say yes and go deep within myself to transcend into the being I am cable of. Saying yes is part of my journey, so I said yes to myself and to my parts of me that want more out of life. I may not understand the reason behind my yes, I just knew it had to be so.

You have seen this scenario time and time again in movies and in books. Joseph Cambell coined this phrase “THE HEROS JOURNEY”. I’m answering my call to adventure, and quite frankly it’s making me nauseous that I’m about to live out my own transcendence without knowing the end result.

What I want is on the other side of fear - this statement has kept me sane.



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