If there is no enemy from within, the enemy outside can do us no harm

2 hours // 180 US dollars // Zenn Den Wellness


Service Description

In this complete hour and 45 min session, Chad will intuitively use several different modalities to find what is best energetically for your overall body and to release what no longer suites you through his own intuitive guidance. This session is customized to your specific needs and may include Shamanic journeying, cord cutting, soul retrieval, frequency healing, intuitive reading, and Reiki amongst other various healing modalities.

Often we attempt to push unwanted feelings—such as irritation, fear, sadness—out of our awareness. We associate such feelings with hopelessness or powerlessness. So, in an effort to blot them, we forcefully engage in denial or repression. We drive them out of our consciousness and deny our emotions. Instead of acknowledging, processing and releasing these unwanted feelings, we bottle them up.

In this session Chad will use quantum healing to feel the emotions that are held in the body and help you to release them in a healing and safe way.