Laws of the Universe - The Law of Attraction



Precursor: this is a long one. I’m sorry I tried to make it shorter but this shit is so important.

I also want to give a huge shout out to Bob Proctor for making this possible and teaching me so much!!!!

This Law is the most common law and known by most people because of the help of books and movies like The Secret, but there is so much more to this law and why people give up so quickly, myself included. The Law of Attraction can also be called the Law of Vibration. Let me try to make sense of what I’m saying here because this shit gets complicated. So, essentially everything is vibration — everything. Well, what the hell really is vibration you might ask? Vibration is a thought or a thing, anything and everything really, or to put it better, it’s the electric current inside a thought or all those things. Your thoughts are vibrating on a molecular level and within your experience you get like minded thoughts shown to you in vibrational form, whether it’s a bad or good thought, the universe doesn’t know the difference. Have you ever put thought into something and truly feel it, then out of the blue you see that thought in your reality. I am vibration, the bed holding me up is vibration — the difference between my bed and I is that we vibrate in different frequencies. Everything is vibrating even though our eyes can’t see it.

Let’s make this easy for God’s sake because complicating it with words like molecular is not my idea of fun, and this should be fun. So, a good example of what I’m talking about is this.. and I’m sorry if you have an orange car, you will understand later. So, a couple weeks back I saw an orange car and thought, “my goodness who the hell would ever buy an orange car!” Apparently, a lot of people. Now I can’t stop seeing them where as before I don’t even think I noticed. Literally, everyday I see an orange car. Today I was driving past Duncan donuts and I shit you not three orange cars are back to back in the drive through. That’s why I mentioned this story because this is what is happening in my world. What the fuck!! How is that even possible? So, what you think about, you bring about. So every time I see an orange car it subconsciously reconfirms my vibrational match to seeing it and therefore I will see more and more of those fuckers until I switch my thinking to maybe a different color or change my perception of that vibration so I no longer notice it. The Law of Attraction is only showing me what I wanted to see and it created a vibrational frequency so my eyes can translate that image. So, essentially the Law of Attraction is vibration turned into form from your thoughts. So, every time you see an orange car you will curse my name.. sorry.

Here is where I got and still get a little confused, the Law of Attraction will never work without the other governing laws. There is no Law more important then another, it’s designed that way by God, by Source Energy, by whom ever you call your higher power, whether I or you understand it or not. In the next paragraph I will, try to at least, bridge the gap so you see the correlation of all the Laws working together like a well oiled machine.

If I broke that down to the other laws I talked about I guess it would look like this... imagine a sunflower, it always faces the sun. Now, imagine the roots and the dirt feeding said sunflower, that is the Law of Thinking, bare with me here I’m on to something. Your thought is the water that feeds the roots and creates the sunflower to turn towards the sun. The sunflower itself is the Law of Supply. It may be the money you want or the career you want or the new orange car you want, whatever the case may be, that’s the sunflower. Then, when all is aligned and sunflower has its nutritional needs it faces the sun. The sun is The Law of Receiving which will only give you that lovely bikini, if that’s what you want, when your ready to receive it and became a vibrational matched to it. YOU NEED TO FEEL IT. The Law of Receiving is the 4th Law which i will talk about in another post. So the ultimate goal here is to get your fucking sunflower facing the sun. Don’t fucking kill your sunflower before it has time to grow. Remember to water and fertilize your sunflower — and you do that with your thoughts. The law of thinking is a huge importance in this process, it’s not just the Law of Attraction, but all the Laws work together to create a harmonious balance we call life here on planet earth. Where does the Law of Attraction fit in all this you ask? What a good fucking question... good for you for asking such a good question. The Law of Attraction is this whole process. Maybe read that again; The Law of Attraction is the whole process put together from seed to full on plant to full on receiving, the rest of the Laws help you get there step by step. I have four more Laws to talk about and by the end you and I will have a complete understanding of how all this shit works. I hope that makes sense because that shit damn near gave me a migraine.

I have killed a lot of sunflowers in my days, but now I have the water bucket and the tools to keep my sunflower alive. My sunflower for the moment, is to see purple color cars I’m over those ugly orange ones.

The law of attraction will only bring you what you think about when your are using the other laws to create a harmonious environment within yourself and your world around you.

It will also bring you what you don’t want as well because your thinking about what you don’t want, sometimes on a subconscious level. Be careful and examine what’s in your water bucket, you don’t want to poison that sunflower by accident before it has a chance to grow, there are a lot of toxic chemicals and people in this world and you might need a clearing of both before you try to water your sunflower.

I have attracted amazing people in the last year and those people who no longer serve me are just not there, I guess I forgot to water their sunflower, my bad. I only see the good in people and they only see the good in me. If you’re in my world then the good I see in you is shown right back at me, what an amazing feeling that is. On the flip side of you only see the bad in people, that’s what will be shown to you. Be careful what you think and feel because what you or I think and feel shows up in our world whether it’s good or bad.

I met an awesome women yesterday at the farmers market and she asked me for a hug because she said my light was so bright. I didn’t know this girl, I was just buying olive oil from her, but I saw how she looked at me with an expression of wonder and delight and I saw the same in her. She got emotional and I felt that emotional pain with every fiber of my being. I didn’t do anything besides having small conversation. That’s how this works. She needed to see light in a dark place and then I come walking on up in my chucks and simply inquired about olive oil. Makes ya think?

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. — Napoleon Hill


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