Laws of the Universe - Law of Supply


Law of Supply is easy to understand in concept but, for me anyway, one of the hardest Laws to understand. I question everything, so therefore; how can our world have so many people in “lack off,” it’s not their fault, maybe it’s a bad situation or that’s all they know. I grew up with two parents that worked their asses off to support me and my brother. If I would have said to my mom and dad some years ago when they will still alive “well, there is enough money and stuff for everyone, you just have to think abundant” they would have sent me to my room thinking I was crazy.

Here is the thing, this is no NEW AGE bullshit, sometimes I forgot this. Some people don’t even know this or know anything about themselves, like they are sleep walking in life. I say that because that was me less than a year ago. I didn’t give a shit about changing myself and looking to within for guidance, Hell I didn’t even know what the fuck that meant.

So, how the hell am I suppose to feel abundant, if I don’t pay my bills I will have “lack off”. But, now I can see what I just did there in my last sentence, I bought up lack and now it’s in my awareness. Whether I think I have or think I don’t have, either one is true! That goes back to the first law I talked about.

I have strong roots ethically to hard working people. My family past and present has grained that notion so deep in my subconscious because for years that is all I knew, and to now be told, just think abundantly Chad, you will be abundant — get the fuck out of here with your crazy ass hippy shit is what I would have said. Here is where it changed for me, I changed the word think to feel, let me explain that a little. I now feel abundant instead of thinking it. Thoughts are just thoughts but if they have no feeling or emotion to them them they really can’t create change. However, we live in a “feeling” universe and I say that all the time.

Here is a little personal story about how I created my BMW, and it’s nice. I didn’t just think about it, I felt about it, I felt the feeling of walking out to my front door and seeing the BMW logo, I felt what that was like. Anyone can “think” they want a new car but when you “feel” you already have it, then it must be. And now I walk outside every day and see the BMW logo on my car and take a second to be grateful because this actually works and it’s the exact same feeling I had before even having my car.

There is enough supply for everyone because everyone doesn’t want the same things. What do you want? I’m feeling and wanting new experiences in my life and my God I’m getting what I’m “feeling” about. The know how and knowledge is all around us, we just have to take the damn time to look. So maybe today, just for one day, you will stop and take the time to feel abundant, who knows what car or house or even a cup of coffee will be waiting for you!!


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