My Sedona Healing Trip - June 2020

Sedona was a place of magical healing for me. I worked with some amazing healers who had great insight I could bring back to my community. The breathtaking views alone were reason enough to go, however, I had 9 healing sessions all in 4 days. Within those 4 days I learned so much about myself and some of the limits I place on myself. One would think that as a practitioner myself I would have all the answers in regards to how to move through my own shit, however, I will be working on myself until the day I die.

I went on this trip alone and did some soul work that made me realize that I am a human who has the ability to create magic everyday in the work I do. This trip taught be patience and more importantly taught me how to love myself more. I will be talking more later about what I have learned from Jim, the Shaman I hiked to the top of a mesa with.

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